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How Buhari ‘ll silence Peter Obi

Change is in the air, this Peter Obi formula expertly adopted by Abubakar Atiku calls for a national emergency. Aso Villa should not just dismiss it as another propaganda applied by the opposition, President Muhammadu Buhari must wake up to reality if he does not want to become Nigeria’s shortest serving civilian leader. And the only person that can paint a true picture of what is cooking, is Mrs Aisha Buhari. The best way to abort the Atiku/Obi dream is to drink from this fountain of statesmanship which I am about to unlock. I am doing it for free and if this strategy turns out as the game changer, the Presidency should expect my fees. The most important step by the president is to begin immediately to shop for 50 trillion naira to cushion the effects of the Civil War on parts of the former Eastern region and the Anioma area of today’s South-South geo political zone. The Federal Government has to get  money even if it means borrowing from international financial institutions. This will lead to the industrialization of our nation. The next move will be the creation of Ministry of South-East/ Anioma Affairs. Without taking anything away from my South-South people, this will be the equivalent of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs.

Following this will be the South–East/Anioma Development Commission [SEADC], with headquarters in Owerri where the search for oil began during the Colonial years. That explains the Shell Camp you have in the Imo State capital. Six new industries should sprout in the five South East States and Asaba the Delta State capital. These areas are pathetically neglected by the Federal Government and now that we have, possibly, the last Civil War officer to rule the country, this is time for the real change we need. The number of South-East ministers in the Buhari regime should be increased from five to seven. This is to make up for the short fall in the number of states in the zone. No other geo political zone is made up of five states. To create balance, one of the South–East ministers should head the Federal Capital Territory. Abuja may not be a state but half bread is better than none. The FCT minister flows like a quasi governor. There will continue to be ill feelings until the President does the needful by  picking an Igbo as Service Chief. I am not just talking about Balance of Power, it could also serve as Balance of Terror. Why all this, critics may wonder. Let me start with the 50 trillion naira plan, something akin to the Marshal Plan that the United States used to support Germany after the Second World War.
The South-East and Anioma that bore the brunt of the Civil War have not  recovered. General Yakubu Gowon made promises on paper but those promises were never pursued and should be fulfilled. Nigeria must set the South-East and Anioma free. Of the 774 Local Government Areas in the country, the South-East is way out of reckoning, with 43. And that means, in the House of Representatives, these 43 voices are almost voiceless.

The North–West, with seven states boasts of 92 Honourable members. The other zones are duly represented: South-West-71 members, South-South-55, North-Central 49, North-East-42 and FCT 2 members. This imbalance affects revenue to the marginalized parts of the country. We should look at the injustice in giving little to people who lost everything during the war that ended almost half century ago. The South-East/ Anioma ministry, is another way of getting votes. And I want to make it easy for President Buhari. The minister should be a member of the ruling APC. I recommend Prof. Anwuka, the minister of State, Education. Another APC man from Imo, Jude Ejiogu, should take Anwuka’s place at the Ministry of Education. This is a tactical way of bringing peace to the APC in that State.

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Ademola Adeshina

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